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Maa yaha par aap ko kush karna chata hu, app hi nahi aap ka dost ko bhi agar app aisa chata hai to.

We live in such a powerful time right now, with so much data and information available to us that no one has ever had before. In high school, I wanted to get back to my roots and learn Spanish. It helped me see there was more to the world than my small town.

I would really urge everyone to seek out details on their background through Ancestry or 23 and Me, it is a fascinating experience! I studied abroad in Argentina my Senior year in High School which helped a lot but I never did become fully fluent. They also let my biological grandmother on my birth mom’s side keep in contact with us.

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My birth Father apparently was selling drugs and guns. ARE THERE ANY COMMENTS YOU ARE REALLY TIRED OF HEARING FROM PEOPLE IN REGARDS TO RACE/CULTURE? I really believe people ask this because they don’t quite know what to do with me. Also, is having thick, curly, mixed race hair such an alien thing? To be more compassionate towards the way a human being identifies. Also, for people to realize it is not their right to racially define another person.