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Bar game for when a guy has successfully hooked up with the fattest girl in the club .Once a hook-up has been assured(girl agrees to leave for sexual reasons), the suitor will gesture to his buddies that he is wrapping an invisible belt around his waist like a WWE wrestler. After the behemoth at the bar broke her third barstool, Ted helped her up and they immediateley headed for the door.There have been 2 series of the programme, the first airing in 2005 and the second in 2006.

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While mainstream movie stars have stunt doubles, porn performers aren't offered that luxury.

So when the shit hits the fan on set, they have no choice but to roll with it.

The first episode starts with Kim and Sugar on the waltzers on Brighton Pier. The scene then suddenly moves to Kim in bed, under a duvet with her eyes closed, and the sound of whirring.

The door knocks, and she suddenly jumps up, and the whirring stops.

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