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But if your GPS is turned on and Google map still seems struggling, problem need to have a deep look.For the security reasons, Android OS are suppose the grant the permission to use the resource like hardware data and software of your phone by any app.After you grant permission, only than those app can use those feature.

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After a user's location is shared, their chosen contacts will see where they are within Google Maps, represented as a small face icon that moves in real-time according to where the sharer is located.

A small icon above the compass in the app will remind users that their location is being shared for the period of time they requested, but they can also choose to end sharing early.

In Google Maps on i OS, users will be able to tap into the app's side menu, choose "Share Location," and pick from a selection of approved contacts who will see their current location.

Contacts are pulled from existing Google accounts, and users can also send links through Messages to friends who aren't on their contacts list when they need to share their location.

No use of GPS where is problem and what is solution” FAQ by Android user so here is solution for them.

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