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Just think, you can browse profiles while commuting on the train or last thing at night between brushing your teeth and slipping beneath the duvet. How would you like your ex telling you what to do on a daily basis? Not to mention that committing such details to email, which can be easily shared, is pretty silly. The moment anyone else at your office gets wind, even it is the smallest suspicion, of your dating a co-worker…Well, remember the expression ’round the office watercooler?Check out our list of the top five things about dating someone else in your office that could turn your date from fun to fired in so many flirtatious emails… ’ It’s not fun to be the centre of focus for pointed looks and elbow nudges.He presents bishops for homage to the Sovereign, examines any theological books to be presented to the Sovereign, and preaches annually in the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace. The Deputy Clerk of the Closet, an office dating from 1677, is the Domestic Chaplain to the Sovereign, and Sub-Dean of the Chapel Royal, and is the sole full-time clerical member of the Household.

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Whether you become one half of these secretive affairs or you observe two coworkers pairing up, you’ll likely encounter many office relationships in your career. The office is a pretty good place to meet people: You’re surrounded with other single young professionals, you have common professional interests, and, for better or for worse, you see them day in and day out.

Over here at Wet Feet, we have two pretty in-depth articles about handling an office romance and balancing love and work.

It can be hard if you are a working professional – where do you get the time to meet new people if you are concentrating on finishing that project for Friday’s meeting?

The answer is, you guessed it, a professional dating site. No matter how much you find your boss attractive, or how much you think they might be flirting with you when they tell you to have that report on their desk by 5pm…let me repeat. In 1% of cases, this might work out into a long term relationship with a fun anecdote about how you met, but the majority of cases end up awkward, difficult and unbearable. It is also perfectly acceptable for a company that pays you money – based on the idea that you spend your time working for them – monitors your outgoing mail, to check that you are in fact working and not describing tonight’s big date plans in intimate detail to your colleague across the room.

Don't misread signals The delicate art of flirting and understanding romantic signs can be tricky.