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Being that I often search the net for new bits of info about the Buffster as a means of procrastinating my term papers [pictured below], I decided to use this site as a review/news/blog place. But that day in Game Stop, I remembered that I enjoyed the show, and since it was just research material for my novel, why not give it a try? Bt VS not only re-opened the entire Buffyverse to me, it also made me fall in love with the medium of television again.

Recently, what with the polls and funny pictures and all, it feels like it’s becoming more of a blog. So, getting back on topic, I figured that if Joss Whedon could reintroduce me to the art of serial television, why the hell shouldn’t I trust him to write a good comic book? “Buffy: Season Eight.” It sounded like a dream come true.

It’s always great to see Spike and Angel interact, but, with the addition of a brand new backstory complete with flashbacks, a “Big Bad,” and the returns of Drusilla, Darla, and Andrew, it has the potential to be spectacular. That doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable or worth watching.

Unfortunately, those are the best adjectives I can use for this episode.

However, as exciting news of recent developments in Bt VS/At S/Joss Whedon projects came from pretty much all over the place, I had to report all that here as well. Then one day, during a trip to Game Stop, I picked up a used copy of the first season of Buffy. During the first run of the series (I was in middle school) I watched up until about Season Three.

See, so many people—yes, even Internet savvy people—had no idea about what was going on in the ‘verse. I’d *just* gotten back into television because of Buffy. Writing my own novel about vampires is what lead me to, in Summer 2006, to check out other vampire stories. Angel’s resurrection confused me (yuck it up), and I pretty much had other things to do on Tuesday nights.

We get an A-plot revolving around the Capo Di Famiglia needing to be retrieved from Rome so a demon civil war in L. There seems to be one primary theme represented throughout the episode, and a secondary theme that ties into it.