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Q1 Instructionally, what do you wish we could spend more time doing in the classroom? Yes, children don’t learn best when they’re forced to sit all day. I should have asked about our strict adherence to the amount of time to take a class and earn a credit. I don’t like it for elementary, and I think it should be used sparingly for middle and high school. The way we prefer to learn is probably the way most of our students would prefer to learn as well. We don’t have as much open as we did a year ago at this time, but we have some positions. Here are some of my favorite responses to the chat questions, along with very little commentary from me… #Okla Ed — Blue Cereal Education (@Blue Cereal Educ) June 6, 2016I could have been more specific to what I meant. Every time we discuss homework on a chat, people get testy. That’s something we should keep in mind for our own instruction. If your current boss disagrees, well, we’re hiring. The largest differences between parents and their young adult children were associated with newer interactive technologies, with the largest gap between parent and young adult knowledge in the area of social networking.

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A3: If they're stuck there, you're stuck there. If you take AP classes, you should know what the workload is. I’ll admit that I don’t like hearing of teachers who roll in right at their reporting time and rolling out right behind the buses.

Young adult children also reported their perceptions of their parents’ technological knowledge for the various technologies.