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Personally, I think it's more fun with the guide, replay the game over and over, but that's my opinion :). You could see smoke coming out of my head trying to put together this guide! * September 26 or September 27: if you chose to date Remi on 27th, then she'll be kidnapped. * July 8 to July 23: max out your ART so that Miyuki'll notice you (I think you need about 100 [I got her second time with art around 70. * July 28 to August 22: run into Miyuki in front of park during daytime or evening (NOT night). * August 20: if you do sports on this day, Kazuhiko'll come on to you.

Being complex, the information in this guide may not be 100% correct. Choose the LEFT road for the shortcut (doesn't matter, really). * Mikae Morikawa and Remi Himekawa are opposites (ie: you could only get one but not the other in one run... She'll ask you if she was a bother, say 'of course not'. * August 21: Kazuhiko comes back for his game he lent you.

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But you can’t stop fantasizing about Sean, the hottest senior in school.

You meet a guy who makes your heart race and your knees weak. because Holly, Madison, and Lina are about to run smack into the truth about love!