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Thus, the original assignment Slayton submitted to his superiors for this flight was: For the first time ever, Slayton's recommendation was rejected by management, who felt that Shepard needed more time to train properly for a lunar flight, as he had only recently benefited from experimental surgery to correct an inner ear disorder which had kept him grounded since his first Mercury flight in 1961.

Thus, Lovell's crew, backup for the historic Apollo 11 mission and therefore slated for Apollo 14, was swapped with Shepard's crew Ken Mattingly was originally intended as the Command Module Pilot.

The Stage Manager’s Guide to Dating Assholes tells the story of three stage managers: the Drill Sergeant, the Cheerleader and the One Who Can’t Get Her Shit Together.

All three of them are dating the same director, a sensitive theatre genius with a great ass.

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