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If you have a friend who is a bit too text happy explain that you will be busy or switch your phone to silent.Being too full on-Telling your date that they’re the most wonderful person that you have ever met or saying that you’d love to have babies with them would be seen as coming on too strong.[caption id="attachment_526" align="alignright" width="78" caption="Don't stare at your phone"][/caption] Turning up late or not all- Make sure you get your date’s mobile number in advance so that you can call them if you’re going to be late or can’t make it at all.

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You could even be a bit cheeky and use the information to suggest a date, for example “There’s a great food festival in Edinburgh soon that I’m planning to head to”. ’ pages on Muddy Matches to see if anyone you fancy is going to a particular event and say in your message “I spotted that you’re going to the Henley Regatta too, maybe we’ll bump into each other”.

Comments like these make it easy for someone to say “yes it would be great to meet up at the event”.

Sitting in silence - The Four Seasons may have proclaimed that , but on a first date it’s not the best way to bond.

Excessive talking, whereby you haven’t stopped to breathe in five minutes is also frowned upon.

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