Suite updating

You run a respectable website that your users can trust. When your users try to connect to your server over a secure connection (SSL/TLS) you may not be providing them a safe option.

If your site is running on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), you might be in for a surprise.

suite updating-1

This method can also be an alternative solution if the ordinary PC Suite update procedure has failed.

Anyway, simply follow the steps below (as described by Krishlav – all credits belong to him).

The reason for this procedure is that the libraries depend on the OS version installed.

Outlook version: 14.0.7182.5000 (SP2 )Tried rebuilding index and repairing Outlook but this seems to be a wide spread issue as of the last set of Windows Updates that came out last night.

There are various ways on how you could update your Lumia to the latest 7.8 update but this trick is the most easiest (in my experience).