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If you like this analysis, purchase signed copies of my best seller here! w=203" data-large-file=" To me he seemed a godly leader: A real missionary, and a true “reformer.” I played his sermons on tape in my car on long drives and even made copies to distribute to my fellow damned college students, thirsting for the “true Gospel of God’s grace.” I met Washer and spoke with him on theology several times during that bizarre phase and what is now very humorous upon reflection is how absurd the carnival barker Washer seems now.

" data-medium-file=" As I matured in biblical theology and Church History the formation of the biblical canon became more and more of a central topic.

But Paul is a Calvinist, and the Anabaptists, for the most part, weren’t.

So apparently we have a restored Church by heretics, at some unknown time wheeled in as a Paul Washer has a connection to this small, holy band of Luddites (who no longer exist by the way, aside from Amish and Mennonites). It can’t be those nasty “Orthodox idolators”–even though in 2001 Paul Washer was quoting Orthodox Bishops in his sermons (like St. The Church, for Paul, also can’t be those baby-baptizing Calvinists, because Paul Washer believes only adult baptism is the mark of the true believer’s church.

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