Courtship and dating in taiwan dating places in cebu city

Although patriarchy creates real concerns for women dating in Taiwan (or anywhere on earth for that matter), I do not mean to discourage foreign women from dating Taiwanese men.

Taiwan is actually one of the best countries in Asia for women’s equality, so that’s good news.

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I’m a very very brown white girl, but I’m a white girl.

I became very interested in this when I got over here.

The short story is, Asia is North American boy heaven. If you were looking for a deeper meaningful relationship I think you’d constantly be asking yourself “does she love me for me, or does she love me because of who she thinks I am/what I can give her? And it’s not that some of these guys don’t deserve incredible women, I just wonder if they’re getting the incredible women for the right reasons. Anyway, so as you can imagine most foreign guys (meaning non-Taiwanese) do not have a lot of interest in foreign (non-Taiwanese) women.

It’s not very uncommon to see gorgeous Asian girls, dressed to the nines, hanging off the arm of a guy who wouldn’t get a second glance even by the plainest Jane back home. Some girls like them because of the “status” it gives them, some girls like them because of the $$$, some girls want the way into North America, and no doubt some girls it’s pure attraction and/or love… Taiwanese male with white female relationships are even more rare.

This dynamic isn’t unique to Taiwan, but it’s a reality that’s hard to ignore on an island this small.