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It was an offer to audition for Axl Rose and earn a role in arguably the biggest rock band of my time.While I thought it was a complete long-shot, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. And so began the most incredible journey I could have possibly imagined.

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(Dream) His swety body pressed aginst mine we began to kiss..

I couldnt believe it i was kissing Dj Ashba I was so happy..

There’s a good chance you spent your teen years rocking out. Maybe you only listened to your sister’s New Kids tapes, or maybe you were born without ears or maybe you’re one of the guys from Mumford & Sons, who clearly never rocked out for a second of their beardy lives.

But no matter when you were a teenager, I’m willing to bet you rocked out at least part time. Mötley Crüe’s tour when his manager, who also represented Guns N’ Roses, called.

(End dream) "Kelsi wake the fuck up" Mick yelled at me waking me up from the best dream EVER!! " I asked "We're gonna be late dont you remember the tour starts today" "Oh yea let me get a shower and ill be ready" I said gettin out of bed and walking into the bathroom..