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ISRAEL: A survey conducted by the Israel AIDS Task Force shows the likelihood of a steep rise in HIV infection rates among gay men in the country, reports Gay Asia

Of the 989 men who participated in the online poll of gay men, 48 percent reported having unprotected sex at least once this year.

קולונסקופיה, הבדיקה היעילה לגילוי גידולים סרטניים, מפספסת לעיתים, ודווקא כשמדובר בגידולים מסוכנים.

Atraf is a Tel Aviv-based LGBT website and app that offers a geo-located dating service and a nightlife index.

Third, as August 2006 drew closer the re-scheduled World Pride became the target of unified public vicious attacks by the usually contentious fundamentalists from Islam, Judaism and Christianity.