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"No, nothing..." He turned back to her, a bit suspiciously. Twilight scowled, but relented when her memory helpfully pointed out his point."No... Hungry look on Twilight's face."He's kind of weird," Spike confessed, "lives in that tiny blue house of his that can never stay still.

" Twilight said quickly."Right, no crazy eyes," Spike said softly. "I need to get out for a while." She headed for the door and opened it with a quick application of her magic. Spike followed her gaze to her target (Who was engaging in a spirited debate about apples with Applebloom) and back to the almost...

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Dear Jack, My male coworkers are constantly asking me to join them after work and on weekends.

One guy wants me on his softball team, another wants to take me golfing.

I'm just not that into sports or pretty much anything else that binds together their bro-hood.

I have a couple of close friends and don't really want any new people in my life. I prefer my own company or the company of an intelligent, beautiful woman to a bunch of 12-packs, high-fives, and booyahs.

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