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He demonstrates how silly the new policy seems by comparing cameras to cars.What if your car broke, and you went to your favorite mechanic, but he told you that you’re out of luck? If you depend on your camera for work, as Jarvie does, having to mail your camera in to be fixed will cost you more than just the price of the repair: lost business, shipping costs, and time lost waiting for the Postal Service to shuttle the camera back and forth.Where our longstanding, regular chatters like to hang out.

Though he could fix your car by tomorrow, your car’s manufacturer will no longer allow him to buy the necessary parts. Forget driving to work this week; you’re going to have to ship in your car. Plus, a major manufacturer limiting repairs to only their own approved repair shops doesn’t bode well for the future of camera repair in general.

Instead, you have to send your car to your car manufacturer’s own repair shop (which, if we’re taking this analogy all the way, has a much poorer BBB rating than your own local shop) or one of two dozen manufacturer-authorized repair shops—oh, you don’t live near one of those? The more barriers to repair, the more likely people are to trash their broken stuff instead of trying to fix it.

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to perform camera repairs.” So after July 13, 2012, all Nikon repairs will be pushed through Nikon’s own repair service or one of 22 “Nikon authorized repair stations.” Local, independent camera repair shops will no longer be able to repair Nikon cameras with manufacturer-approved parts. Eliminating the supply of parts will devastate many local repair shops—Nikon repairs make up a significant portion of their business—and will make it significantly more difficult for photographers to get their Nikon equipment fixed.