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Crystalens accommodating lens reviews

The cataract lens implants give a much higher level of optical quality and lifestyle convenience than the thick glasses so we always implant an intraocular lens at the time of cataract surgery if it is safe to do so.

During WWII, Sir Harold Ridley, was caring for a pilot with a small piece of a plane’s PMMA plastic windshield forced inside his eye.

One treatment is to use cycloplegic drops to move the IOL to improve you near vision.

This should be done fairly early since the Crystalens haptic get scarred in very early. The next would be to yag the posterior capsule and this would decrease myopia by about .5 to .75 diopter. I meet with the doctor tomorrow and will discuss these possibilities.

A conventional monofocal IOL usually will provide clear distance vision after cataract surgery, but you will still need reading glasses or computer glasses to see objects at arm's length and closer (unless you choose a monovision correction to aid in your reading vision).