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Solid -state requires lower voltage and less energy and thus causes less heat.

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The most notable difference between the JP16, which is available in six- or seven-string versions, is its black Floyd Rose 1000 Series Pro floating tremolo, which replaces the custom Music Man John Petrucci tremolo and its piezo pickup option.

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As a result, it’s priced slightly higher than the original John Petrucci model but less than the other guitars in its family.

Ernie Ball Music Man describes the JP16 as “a combination of the original John Petrucci signature model and later Ball Family Reserve models,” but it also could be described as a John Petrucci model designed for players who prefer more traditional features.

It is surely fair to say that Music Man followed the footsteps of earlier Fender amps, so their amps were also aimed at the best possible clean sound.

So it is not a big surprise that they used a solid-state design (ICs and transistors) for the pre-amp section.

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