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In case you hadn’t heard, Somaya is dating rapper Lady Luck! We checked in with Somaya, who is beyond smitten, to get the details of her new relationship. As an artist I like to keep up with other dope MCs.

(The same Lady Luck who held her own in a rap battle against our own Remy Ma! While looking through You Tube videos I came across a few of her freestyles.

Her new single "Waiting on You" is being promoted at radio now. At the end of the day, my heart wants artists to be able to make music that is evaluated on its own merit and that’s it."Ell and Bones anticipated such professional stumbling blocks in their personal relationship.

Ell keeps Bones off of her social media feeds and they walk red carpets separately.

Ell tweeted the news to fans Friday, saying: “Had a scheduled performance in Sacramento today for listeners.