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You could think of the Odyssey as the BMW of minivans and the Sienna the Mercedes — and you are free to do so because the Germans don't sell a minivan in the US. They now sell the Pacifica, which has famously become a platform for Waymo's self-driving technology (minivans have been losing out to SUVs for a decade, but, funny enough, Silicon Valley might stage a renaissance). We're checking out the Sienna later this year, but we recently borrowed an all-new Odyssey and spent a week sampling one-half of the magnificent minivan duo.Here's what we thought of our absolutely jammed-packed-with-features ,610 Elite trim-level test car.or use the radio harness adapter put your Factory radio in someone else's car! (retained accessory power) Provides NAV outputs (parking brake reverse speed sense) Retains safety chimes Retains audio controls on the steering wheel Retains the factory backup camera (if through the factory radio) Retains the factory AUX-IN jack Used in non-amplified models or when bypassing a factory amplifier Fiat 500L only: For use in both amplified and non-amplified systems Retains balance and fade (non-amplified models only) CHRYSLER 200 LX 2015-2016 DODGE Dart (small screen option) 2013-up FIAT 500L 2014-up 500X 2016-up JEEP Cherokee Sport 2014-up Renegade 2015-up RAM 1500, 2500, 3500 (small screen option) 2013-up Chassis Cab 3500, 4500, 5500 (small screen option) 2013-up RAM (CONT) Promaster (with a 5.0 screen) 2014-up Promaster (with NAV) 2014-up Promaster City 2015-up● Provides accessory power (12-volt 10-amp) ● Retains R. These interfaces plug into the CD Changer input of the unit and will disable CD changer connectivity.

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It's attractive, but fans of the good old boxy body style from two generations ago will probably be miffed, just as they were by the lightning bolt with the fourth gen.

I consider myself a third-gen partisan, but that's also like being a fan of the C3 Corvette — the "Boogie Nights"-era Vette — and expecting the classic design to never, ever change.

When it comes to minivans in the USA, it's often viewed as a two-horse race: You're either a Honda Odyssey family or a Toyota Sienna family.

The Odyssey, first rolled out in the mid-1990s, has a reputation for better engineering and superior driving dynamics, while the Sienna, arriving a little later, has a smushier ride and is perhaps made to last a bit longer. Yes, they did, and with the Chrysler Town and Country, discontinued in 2016 after 27 years, they had the Cadillac of minivans.

(The base LX is about $30,000.) The idea with the original Z shape was to create a slightly larger window for the third-row occupants.