Ashton pipe dating

Besides thebrand name & size & shape number, there is no other stamping on the shank, not even a country designation. 5is one of the few available that I saw when looking for a price comparison.

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They have always aimed to produce high quality pipes at affordable prices.

Knight, Jockey, Bruyere and a special selection of Parker pipes are available for your interest below.

Although the pipe is in The Ashton Collection it has certainly been smoked- by me when it first arrived and for quite some time thereafter. Bill used a blue-black stain which did not show off the all-important reddish highlights so treasured by connoisseurs.

In reality, the pipe was not smoked when it first arrived but returned to Bill Ashton-Taylor. He was able to put this right very quickly, and when I received it for the second time it received its initial baptism.

The pipe is an XX Pebblegrain Canadian, and the nomenclature is unlike any Ashton pipe made since.