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The husband of a woman who died after a collision with a cyclist has called for the law to change to help convict dangerous bike users.Kim Briggs, a mother of two, died a week after suffering “catastrophic” head injuries in a collision with Charlie Alliston, who was cycling at 18mph on a fixed-gear bike.

For Steven, cycling is a hobby, a job, a way to get to work, and much more.“Anything that gets people out riding regularly is a good thing in my opinion,” Steven says. I have a job that gets me out and about and allows me to channel my love of cycling, and I even met my girlfriend through cycling as she had it as an interest on her online dating profile!

”As someone who lives and breathes cycling, we couldn’t think of a better brain to pick in order to encourage others to take it up.

For example, you can distinguish between people interested in road cycling from those interested in mountain biking.

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It’s always been celebrated, whether it was for transport, exercise, fun or all three; but now, in the age of the selfie, more and more people are getting out and about on cool-looking bikes and plastering photos of themselves on the saddle across Twitter and Facebook.