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Unlike most home security companies, Vivint designs and manufactures much of its own equipment.

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However, if you choose not to subscribe there’s no other option to save your video footage.

According to Ring’s FAQ page, you’ll still receive motion alerts and real-time calls, but your videos will not be saved and any previously-saved videos will be erased.

We also opened up Privacy Mode for every Butterfleye user.

Below, is a demo and description of what the features can do and how we see them fitting into the Butterfleye ecosystem.

I ran into a few frustrating design issues, but overall Ring succeeds in providing an affordable and accessible video peephole that makes receiving packages or answering your door easy, even when you’re not home. My wife and I both work and have extremely busy schedules, which means it’s completely hit or miss—mostly miss—when we have to sign for a delivery or someone is swinging by our house to drop off a borrowed movie.