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Louisiana State Penitentiary investigators have questioned more than 100 people concerning allegations that some prison employees were "paid to turn their back" while inmates had sexual relations with visiting wives and girlfriends, West Feliciana Parish Sheriff J. Two employees resigned to avoid disciplinary action, one correctional officer has been disciplined and two other officers are still under investigation, Daniel said.

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Expulsions have been carried out in a coordinated effort that involves most branches of the Angolan security forces and increasingly, temporary detention facilities are being used exclusively for migrants.

This report documents abuses against these immigrants, based on research conducted by Human Rights Watch during visits to the DRC in 2011, and during previous visits to Angola in 2009.

Immigration officials threatened us: ‘You don’t have anything to say here.

If you complain we will kill you.’ —30-year-old Congolese man, expelled from Angola in May 2011 In prison, they beat me a lot because they requested me for sex and I refused.

They were police agents, immigration officials with different uniforms in black, blue, light green.