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She made her television debut in 2000 when she starred in HBO’s (2008). #6 Some of her favorite TV series are: The Simpsons, Roswell, That ’70s Show, South Park, The Osbournes.

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It’s a fairly straightforward plot with a lot of surprises up its sleeves. So I sort of created this movie to make myself happy again. So yeah, this movie in a lot of ways it’s very personal. Your first film was set in high school and now is a college grad who can’t find a gig and begrudgingly moves back in with his parents. Sure, there’s always that threat of having to move back to Virginia. The way I survived all the many humiliations of my 20s and all the dumb shit that I do is being able to write it into this movie. I quite frankly don’t know what I’d do without them. Not that I’m creating music, but I mean you can’t listen to an indie rock album or whatever and have there not be 800 influences on there. But still everyone is so caught off guard when you create something of a mash-up. If I see something like a shot of flowers growing, I’m fucking over it! I’m staring out the window again, dreaming of being outside.

I chatted with Bates about the film, his influences and the funk he was in when it was conceived. I was holed up in my room, quite frankly, just watching things that made my happy. Like, one day I can use this and make someone else feel not as bad. So that certainly kept me going through my 20s, I tell you.

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