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The opening night cast included Jean Parker as Loco.

Despite being a period of economic struggle, 1930s clothing was an era of revolutionary style thanks to advancements in clothing production, the popularity of Hollywood cinema as well as the increased resourcefulness of daywear fashion because of the Great Depression.

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Three New York models, Shatze, Pola and Loco set up in an exclusive apartment with a plan....tired of cheap men and a lack of money, they intend to use all their talents to trap and marry three millionaires.

The trouble is that it's not so easy to tell the rich men from the hucksters - and even when they can, is the money really worth it? and who does he think he is anyway" the shadow of some lighting equipment can be seen on the painting near the mirror. I also enjoyed Grable's coy reference to real-life husband Harry James and Bacall's to Bogart.

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So to help shed light on the changes the 1930s brought to feminine style, I worked with Hinesite Vintage to showcase 5 culturally important pieces for the era.

I’m always a fan of dressing to impress, so perhaps it’s the allure of walking down the red carpet in a slinky bias cut dress that captures my heart most!