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(sometimes they ONLY work with the net applications, sometimes with your Asterisk and ATA too)The trick here is that you can have unlimited 1 minutes calls right away, but for the privilage of unlimited minutes per calls you usually have to paypal them 5Euro-10Euro.

Sometimes that amount in never used (and stays in your account) sometimes there's a time period (like two months) before calls stop being free and start charing from your credit.

When comparing rates, find out (1) whose network will really be handling your minutes, and (2) whether the caller ID is set to their number, your fixed number, or whatever number you feed them. Argentina - Fono - Unlimited plans starting at $14.99/ Unlimited calls to fixed line in: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Moscow.

**SPECIFICALLY SAYS NO ASTERISK FOR FLAT-RATE PLANS**Canada - - Make a Call - $9.99/month Unlimited Calling to US & Canada.

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You may opt to renew domains at any point before their expiry date.