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A task group at RU completed an internal analysis in 2010, which was a necessary precondition for entering the implementation program and receiving the acknowledgement.

The University formally applied for the acknowledgement by the European Commission in 2010 and received it in 2011.

It seems to me that it's something they give to guys. But Icelandic guys definitely hold out more than their American counterparts. I grew up here, so I'm a lot more used to the way things work here.

— how do I put this — it seems to me that the girls don't want to have sex. It's almost like when the Americans are renewing their vows is when the Icelanders get married. We've been together ten years, our kids are almost teenagers, now would be a good time to get married." Icelandic girls actually really like American guys because they'll pay for drinks and they always want to have sex with them, because American girls are blueballing them.

Here, it's very easy to find out — like "So, I slept with this girl," and people are like, "Oh, when was she born?