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The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has filed a complaint with the US Department of Transportation Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings against Southwest Airlines for "racial and religious profiling of a Muslim passenger"."We don't want this to become 'normal'," said Saba Maher, civil rights coordinator of the local CAIR chapter. The experience [in April] was just unpleasant," he said.She loses her bearings, is uprooted, and goes into freefall. There are trips that shatter all of our certainties.

When Rand loses her baby because she isn’t allowed through a checkpoint to go to the hospital for care, despite Chloe’s intervention, she (rather unreasonably) blames Chloe.

Shocked and saddened, the doctor falls prey to a different sort of Jerusalem syndrome, one that results in her violating her Hippocratic oath in extremely disturbing fashion.

Cipher-like Chloe is meant to provide an outsider’s outlook, but her lack of personality makes her the pic’s least credible character.

Beauty that she is, it seems odd that she has no love interest, and prefers to spend her off hours socializing with much younger women.

The screenings begin at pm in Cubberley Auditorium located at the School of Education Building.