Stella and jenny warpaint dating

Their founder drummer was a Hollywood actress, Shannyn Sossamon, and the late Heath Ledger, her co-star in A Knight’s Tale, was said to be a fan of the band.None of this, it must be said, would necessarily lead one to anticipate great things of Warpaint’s music.

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Warpaint's at the Luminary Center for the Arts Tonight with Javelin. Diana Benanti: Stella Mozgawa: That's an important ingredient in relaxation.

I took some time off and went to Joshua Tree and the Sequoia National Forest, that was my way of relaxing. I think everyone that tours can relate to post-tour depression, or PTD.

Just seeing them physically and the way they interact on stage; it's very endearing and very earnest. I guess it's hopefully an evolution from what the EP was.

I don't know how it differs in the production because I just joined the band last year.

The original lineup consisted of childhood friends Wayman and Kokal alongside sisters Lindberg and Shannyn Sossamon.