Live granny cams

Sixty-three of those cases were opened following De Wines news conference.And some of the other investigations involve the use of cameras, said De Wine spokeswoman Jill Del Greco.

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The article reports that laws to allow and regulate video monitoring cameras have been prompted by family members seeking increased protection for their loved ones living within skilled nursing facilities.

“Over the years,” says the article, “videos surfacing of elder abuse or thefts have influenced people to take protection into their own hands with camera monitoring.” Families of these residents have also demanded greater accountability when abuse does take place or is suspected.

Who pays for the cameras, and the internet connection that allows the family to monitor care?

According to Chicago elder care attorney Jason Lundy, it’s the resident and his or her family.

Facilities may better meet these family members' needs by implementing policies and procedures to improve communication and engagement between staff, resident and family.