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Those type of throngs had become uncommon for the band during a middling last decade, but they returned with the promise of hearing The Used play its first two albums in their entirety on consecutive nights.

And for a band that espoused political anarchism on its latest record, The Used sure thrived off order.

Bert recently moved in with Quinn after dropping out of highschool and trying to quit drugs & alcohol, Quinn is trying to help him get his life back on track. But friends are there to help you through anything, right?

But the longer they live together the closer they become, until the next thing Quinn knows, Bert's sleeping in his bed like it's the most normal thing in the world. original story author: My Chemical Fan Fictionsco-author: Angeland Collinshello all you awesome people.

They followed up with their second album, In Love and Death, in September 2004 and their third album, Lies for the Liars, in May 2007.

An EP, Shallow Believer, was released in February 2008 that featured most of the band's B-sides to date.

The more he said it, the more Quinn realized it was pointless. He refuses to be with his friends Ray, Frank, Bert and his little brother Mikey during school.

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