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A spokesman for ICE's San Juan office, which arrested Cano-Olmeda, had no additional information on the local connection and referred questions to state authorities.

A New Jersey Attorney General's Office spokesman, however, directed inquiries to federal authorities.

It’s the place where 80 million people share picturesque, gently-tinted photos of bouquets, sunsets, spaghetti and cappuccinos.

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Among the issues endemic to the voice- and text-chat platform was the anonymous and unsolicited dissemination of child pornography, a problem which seems to have only gotten worse.

Though there has been no official statement on the service's blog or Twitter account, a number of recent posts on Reddit's r/discordapp have appeared in the past 24 hours relating to "CP [child porn] botnets", "porn image spamming", and server admins mass-alerting their communities to the presence of these nefarious users via copied-and-pasted messages such as this one: "We're aware of the copy/pasta going around and currently determining the scale and next step to address it," wrote a Discord Customer Experience employee in response to one such Reddit thread.

Guard Child has researched and compiled a list of Child Internet Crime and Abuse Statistics from: The Pew Institute, The National Crime Prevention Center, The University of New Hampshire, Youth Internet Safety Survey, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Crimes Against Children Resource Center, Child Exploitation and Online Protection, Psychologies Magazine, Project Tomorrow, FBI, Cox Communications and other resources.

SUSPENDED A Current Affair reporter Ben Mc Cormack is banned from using the internet, with police set to allege he'd been exchanging sexually explicit pictures with one man for two years.

"In general, rather than spreading this copy/paste message, if you do receive DMs with illegally explicit material, please email [email protected]" In the time since Gizmodo first reported on the issue I've personally received three such unsolicited messages, one of which contained a particularly disturbing image of an infant girl.