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You will gain the knowledge needed to create powerful Ruby/Rails applications for your enterprise. This tutorial covers a significant amount of material, and is structured so that you may choose to focus on certain segments of that material.

It is divided into five main segments, located in the following sections: It is recommended that you complete sections 5 and 6A, continue with one or more of 6B, 6C, 6D according to interest, and finish with section 7.

If the database does not support this (for example My SQL and SQLite) then when a migration fails the parts of it that succeeded will not be rolled back.

This tutorial shows you the installation of Ruby/Rails with Oracle and shows how to develop highly efficient and functional Ruby/Rails applications.

The first thing to do is to make a new branch for this update process.

Rails 5 requires Ruby 2.2.2, so if you’re using an older version of Ruby, you need to get that updated first.

Hopefully they have a newer version that will support Rails 5.