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You can become a member of The Fellowship of Christian Farmers for a $35.00 membership fee, which also entitles you to a FREE copy of Max Armstrong's book Stories from the Heartland!

Visit the contact page to enter your name and address, and we will send you the book promptly!

It is very important to be aware that many very different types of educational programs are all categorized as “online learning.” Many times the only similarity between these programs is the word “online” and nothing else.

Calvary Preparatory Academy is considerably different from many other online education programs currently available. In today’s world, the demands of our ever-changing societies have placed some students in need of a high quality learning environment that can still meet their needs for flexible scheduling without jeopardizing the academic rigor of their educational experience. We select the most highly qualified, Christian teachers: masters in academic subject areas, confident in an online learning environment, and skilled at supporting and motivating students to achieve. We incorporate live, one-on-one, virtual meetings between students and their credentialed teachers.

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