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Since yesterday I have been trying to install authlogic in a project.

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I used pgbackups to restore the old site DB to the new site, all the user records are there but if you try to login now, you will receive and error that your "username/password" is incorrect. I am in need of some serious help, and I hope you gurus can help me.

I have a sql server with one instance and I can connect to it using windows auth but not sql server auth, I have checked an the ...

The disclosed system and method may be used by multiple on-line service providers thereby enabling the user to be in possession of a single set of identification factors to gain access to one of multiple accounts.

Once the user provides the proper identification factors and the identification factors are verified by matching them against factors stored in a computer, the identity of the user is deemed to be authentic and the user is passed onto the on-line service provider for access to the user's personal account.

wherein one or more of the data items placed into said custom table are selected from a group including: a transaction control number, an authentication system identification number, and an authentication system identification name.