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I sense myself beyond the hospital, above the city, even encompassing Earth.

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Colton went on to recognise a photograph of a great-grandfather he had never met and talked about a sister he said told him she had "died in their mother’s tummy".

The family had never discussed the baby his mother Sonja lost to a miscarriage a year before Colton’s birth, or told him about his father's rant against God as he lay on the operating table.

I look at each person standing at the bedside and feel tremendous love. And now I feel my presence in every room in the hospital. It is narrow and rocky; I have the sensation of losing my balance.

A strong presence assures me, "Yes, you are dying to the world of men. Now you are remembering."Revelation fills my awareness – of course, yes! I hover nearer and look at the strange form lying on the bed. I understand everything, but I have no feeling of attachment to anyone. I hear a voice say, "Life is a precious gift: to love, to care, to share."Questions race through my awareness: Why is there so much pain in the world? And with this understanding, an image of the path I have been walking appears.

Beverley Gilmour believes that she is the only person in Britain to be receiving medical treatment for chronic near-death experiences.

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