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The reason it doesn’t get captured is that sandbox components execute in a completely different process from the page request – that’s why it’s sandboxed” Log diagnostics: “Unfortunately the ability to interact with a custom SPDiagnostics Service is available only in fully trusted farm solutions and not within sandbox solutions.

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So you wants to add an event receiver to a list to check column permissions.

Your immediate reaction will be “easy no problems, I’m keen to start now”. I thought initially, event receivers in Share Point 2010 should be easy to implement.

Most of the Share Point developer has faced this issue, “Custom event receiver fires twice for Item Updating and Item Updated event in Document Libraries”.

Actually it’s not an issue; this is default behavior of Share Point 2010 Document Libraries.

If we select Sandbox solution, this option is very restrictive and does not allow access to certain Share Point features. To debug use the WSBuilder sub menu and select “Attach to IIS Worker Process”, then enter your breakpoints. I wanted to make sure that system admin have full permission: Even if you use SPMonitored Scope, if your code is a sandbox component (i.e.