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Chris Blackwell had signed me up so we used to come all the time and stay at Goldeneye. What really is funny about this trip is that when I used to come to Jamaica before and I used to speak the Jamaican accent, they used to laugh at me because I was younger then and they used to say, 'Nobodda try talk Jamaican, yu sound stewpid' but now they telling me, 'You is a Jamaican' because over the years, it's gotten better...thank God for that! I have a fantastic guy in London called Paul Edmonds who cuts my hair for me. I have gone on a kind of expedition musically, and then what's happened is that I have come back to where I started, which is really bizarre. They are not falling out of clubs, messing up themselves and dem foolishness dere.He's at Knightsbridge in London and one of the top hairdressers...he's really good. It's really funny how that works, how you go on an adventure and come home. When I'm at home, I love people to come to me, I like to cook for everybody, I'm a typical Jamaican. Is being a celebrity and living under a public microscope difficult for you?

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It's not funny that 2,000 people will lose their jobs. "The music industry has been ripping off artists for years, ruining our lives. Even if it doesn't reach number one, she will be OK. So famous that the tabloids recently reported she had been out for dinner with a friend. The friend wasn't well known, and nor was the restaurant. She has been wobbly on Strictly Come Dancing and cooked in the kitchen with Gordon Ramsay two nights ago along with old boyfriend Max Beesley; but the break that led to all this was being picked – from nowhere – with her friend Lisa Butcher in 2006 to host one of the BBC's biggest shows, What Not To Wear. '" A silky black blouse with sleeves flapping like wings today, in case you care. Others called the new hosts "charmless" and "unpleasant" and said they didn't know about clothes or women's bodies. "I really don't give a damn about what people say, honey. "It's five months, 14 hours days, five days a week. I can't do it, babe." She begins to plunge into corporation politics, saying, "Peter Fincham [controller of BBC1 until last year] left and everything changed after that..." Then she backs off. If you say my clothes look rubbish I don't care, it's just frivolous nonsense," she says, smiling. "If you tell me my voice is shit, I'm going to kill you." There has never been any question of that, not since the then Michelle Wallen appeared with the Spirit of Watts gospel group as a teenager.

It's not funny that artists such as Robbie Williams are apparently on strike because of the way a band of venture capitalists has decided to run the label. It's time for it to be rebuilt in a clear, correct way." She stormed out of EMI 10 years ago instead of being sacked. The fact was reported anyway, because Paris was deemed worth a story. "When I rang my family to tell them, they said, 'Nah! Black people don't get that stuff.'" She only auditioned because Butcher put her up to it. She was raised by her strict, devout grandpa, a minister in a Pentecostal church in south London. '" With that she leaps up and sashays across the studio control room like a hip-swinging, bolshy teenager. and you make all the mistakes." She struggled, away from her mother and sister.

British soul songstress Mica (pronounced Misha) Paris knows how to work a room. We went to the beach today and took some rays in and came back to Andrew and Theresa's home and had a fantastic fundraiser to raise money for the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts. I signed my record deal when I was 17 and had my first big hit with My One Temptation, and the rest is history. people who sing really good ballads, like Marvin Gaye, that capture people.

Tall, engaging and blessed with amazing pipes, the international singing sensation is celebrating her 25th year in the music biz. I sang and entertained the gathering while they dug their hands into their pockets and took all their money out. Jeans are great but the thing about jeans is that they are not as glamorous. My debut album So Good went double platinum and then I made six albums after that, and now I'm on album #7. I had a show in London for a couple of years called What Not To Wear where I made people over . It's all about singing about love and expressing love. I'm of the old school, music should make you want to make love, not war. How have you musically evolved from the first album to now? I have been a singer since I was seven years old, so the singing is a gift from God.

meeting fans old and new and showing her millions of fans what first put her in the public eye over twenty years ago.

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