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There doesn't appear to be any nudity, and you still have no direct control, but the scenes leave very little to the imagination.

Check out a round-up of in-car, in-game FPS (that's first-person sex) in the video below.

A major focus of game play is the process of building and customizing the home of your "Sim" and earning the money (called Simoleons) to upgrade the quality and variety of furnishings and accessories that makes their lives have meaning and pleasure.

Your Sims can learn how to make wine as a hobby and start their own Wine Label, or even practice the Guitar until they are good enough to make a living at being an entertainer.

Carolyn Falloon, 50, Jacqueline Flynn, 46, and David Sunderland, 49, who all worked on the healthcare wing at high-security Wakefield Prison, West Yorkshire, are also standing trial at Leeds Crown Court charged with one or both of the following offences - failing to notify prison authorities about the sexual relationship between Cosford and Mc Bride, and failing to tell them Mc Bride had a mobile phone.