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Can’t can't I just help myself without all the fuss? After a few years, you start getting attracted to people in a way that you cannot understand.

You start to feel that you cannot go a day without talking to them.

Most pastors are training character and then trying to groom people spiritually. The decision to get married also involves you indirectly picking a father for your child and a mother for your child. A lot of people miss true potential because they were looking out for the wrong things. Don’t bother compromising when it comes to sexual matters. Determine there are some places you will not be seen together alone. Learn to keep core things core and when necessary, involve mature minds who can give you the right counsel. Being a man and a woman and especially because you both are coming from two diverse cultural backgrounds, there will be differences.

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Then I realized that Mark Driscoll figured out a way to say much of what I was trying to say in a much better way and in much less time in his book So I scrapped plan A in favor of adapting (i.e., using his general format and many of his points, some verbatim, while adding points and thoughts of my own) the collective thoughts of these authors.

While I highly recommend reading the books I mentioned and/or listening to Driscoll’s sermon, I have written this post for those who would prefer a Cliff’s Notes-ish or Spark Notes-ish version of it. Courtship is a method of dating that involves very few (if any) “dates,” as we typically think of them, and instead involves time together with (mainly) the family of the woman in the relationship. This is the method I prefer for girls who live at home with godly parents.

In courtship, you and your partner take the time to get to know and care for each other and develop .

You're both more vested in your relationship because of the time and effort you've put into each other.

I didn’t leave prearranged marriage out of this section to show my disapproval of prearranged marriage. Men, you should also consider whether you could support a wife financially. These can pose significant issues when married, so you will want to determine before marriage whether you could live peaceably with the person you are courting or dating were you to marry him/her. Everything prior to that point should be aimed at getting to know a woman, not at winning her heart.