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Many of them are splitting custody of their children with their ex-wives. It is not uncommon that at least in the first year of divorced life that these mature men, newly single and fending for themselves in the kitchen now, are not the best cooks for family meals.So that means they will be eating dinner out at least some of the nights when they have the kids.

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America's Hottest Anchor Women The Dead Pelican - Louisiana's News Underground Know a good midlife or dating link we should include?

Understand why this happened to you, and the necessary steps you need to take to successfully move forward with your life - starting right now ... ebooks on Infidelity - written by the Founder of Man-O-Pause - Providing Midlife Men a Place to Breathe - We take the mystery out of the changes that happen to men in midlife, and show you how to not only how get through them, but make the second half of life better than the first.

So if you are going to do anything at the laundromat, do it Saturday morning.

Go it for any excuse you want to do some front line reconnaissance to see what time on Saturday morning seems to draw the most men.

So when I read the new Bridget Jones novel I couldn't help but feel a bit frustrated.

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    Looking to meet singles on a totally free dating service?

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    They have also become a source of security and privacy issues, as some built-in webcams can be remotely activated by spyware.

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    #Baby Kardashian." This after Blac Chyna turned up the heat on rumors of the couple’s romance on Monday.

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    You’re taking the right steps when it comes to opening yourself up—you’re willing to put yourself out there and you’re letting your last relationship be a jumping off point to help determine what you want in a partner.