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Ronaldo, along with the likes of Sergio Ramos and Marcelo made surprise appearances on camera for the supporters - with one young fan particularly amazed by what he was seeing.

The video, posted to Real's social media feeds, sees two presenters video calling fans, asking to know a bit more about them ahead of the weekend final.

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Off camera, the players watch the feed, waiting for their moment to shine.

One youngster, sat with his father, is asked by the presenter how Ronaldo celebrates his goals - the lad immediately imitates the star's spread legged, wide armed, open mouthed stance.

When a group of Real Madrid fans were invited to speak on webcam about their football club ahead of the Champions League final, they thought it would bring them little more than a few minutes of fame.

However, to their surprise it also gave them a chance to meet and greet some of the team's biggest stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo.

Also surprised are a group of schoolchildren - the video feed to the presenters seems to cut out, but when it returns a group of players are all sat ready to speak with their supporters.