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Some people say that getting carded constantly is a compliment.Unfortunately, when you're with a group of clients at a “closing the deal” dinner and you're the only one getting carded, things can get a little awkward.

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Your baby face will make every single bouncer and bartender wonder if you're just some kid trying to get her drink on.

I'll most likely be carded at my 40th birthday celebration.

The multi Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and producer broke the news to his friend Toni Braxton during an interview to promote their new duets album, Love, Marriage & Divorce on

During the chat, Braxton asked her longtime collaborator, "Would you ever consider getting married again?

’s Don Draper: sure, he’s talented and all, but he’s also unpredictable, prone to running off to California at a moment’s notice in the middle of important strategy meetings.