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Though both the early and late 2015 laptops can take M.2 SSDs with a standard SATA interface, the newer Skylake models can accept blazing-fast PCIe SSDs as well.

A standard SATA M.2 SSD such as the Samsung 850 EVO costs as little as for a 250GB model and just over 0 for a 500GB capacity.

Here's what these key software bits do for your XPS laptop and how to update them.

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Hello, I currently have a Dell XPS 720, and I am pretty happy with it, even though I recently had to go onto e-bay and buy a replacement motherboard for it.

In the ordeal I had learning about motherboards in general (i.e.

Dell XPS 13 9365 2-in-1 comes with a 7.6V, 46Wh, 5940m Ah Li-ion battery, Dell P/N: NNF1C.

The SSD cover with a copper plate to help heat dissipation.

I find it sad that I will not be able to re-use the power supply or the case when it comes time to put this system out to pasture.