Sintinel not updating after release

This Patch Update resolves specific previous issues.This document outlines why you should install this Patch Update.

And even though it made a zillion dollars or so in box office, the idea of a land devoted to it has been met with mutual who-cares kind of shrugs in the meantime.

If there was an intention of timing the park’s opening to the release of a sequel, production delays for the latter left the former to do its own thing on a holiday weekend.

The CDC believes the human and financial costs of treating surgical site infections (SSIs) are on the rise.

As the population ages, more surgeries are being performed—and more patients have one or more chronic conditions that could put them at risk for adverse events, including an SSI.

I mean it's going to be there tomorrow and, like, forever. On the other hand, it has literally been years in the making.