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One of the figures, the rapper Common, has come under intense scrutiny because of an old video in which he raps about carrying a gun and threatening police officers and then-President George W. The controversy also touched on a 2005 interview Common gave in which he came out against interracial dating as a detriment to “self love.” Some industrious soul decided to search through the other attendees’ public comments and came up with Scott’s article which is now being widely shared and denounced.

The column did indeed cause a small controversy when it first came out, however, it’s important to look beyond the scandal then and the (manufactured) one now and see that it is actually a very thoughtful piece.

Shows in Europe were known as: Jill Scott: Live in Europe.

“The movie made us all think about what we’re doing. For the married girls, it made them question and decide for certain that they made the right decision on who they married.

The Young and the Restless spoilers examines what is wrong with the show’s current storylines and casting choices and where responsibility lies for these problems.