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film business.” As a former 25-year-old homosexual who hasn’t done much film work since ended.It’s been almost all theater, but that was my mostly my intention, so I’m doing what I always wanted to do. Has the accident changed you regarding how you feel about life and your career?

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GH: My first manager, Suzanne De Walt, saw a play I was in.

She was invited by the director Joan Scheckel, who was my first real acting teacher.

is coming together in Cologne this weekend for Rise’n Shine 2012, a dream-come-true convention for the show’s legion of international fans.

Almost the entire cast will be there—Hal Sparks (Michael), Randy Harrison (Justin), Sharon Gless (Deborah), Peter Paige (Emmett), Scott Lowell (Ted), Robert Gant (Ben), Michelle Clunie (Melanie) and Thea Gill (Lindsay)—marking the first time since The only no-show?

Afterwards I had to re-think life from almost every angle.