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I mean, I guess the only thing that's different right now than four years ago, is that in people's eyes I have more of a target on my back. I feel like the underdog again, because my past three or four years, my swimming hasn't been up to par. What about that transition set you back do you think? I had been with my coach back in Florida for twelve years. And took that as, "Oh, he's dumb blah, blah, blah." And I think that was the perception that got over-exaggerated a lot. Last time around you were rocking some grills, are you bringing them back? But outside of that you might see some fashionable clothing I might be wearing.

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He is noted for the speed and distance he attains while kicking underwater.

Lochte is also known for his dominance in the short course format (25-yard and 25-meter-long pools).

His profession is listed as “athlete.” But “he should have put ‘sex idiot,’ ” suggested a source in reference to Lochte’s self-deprecating 2012 cameo on “30 Rock.” A rep confirmed that the dating profiles for the swimming stud are legit.

Athletes in the Olympic village certainly know the meaning of work hard, play hard.

Reid seems pleased about her accommodations, sharing shots from the gym and the beach of the South American city.