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Woman Looking For Man There are many women seeking men, how do you know to look for the best one?You can browse these single women looking for men below and drop any profile you like the most.It wasn't a major reason but it was A reason why I decided to pass. So to me it don't matter if she is rich or Poor I'll date her for who she is and not what she has !!

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Personally, I would find more things to do that costs less money or no money at all. Go to the library, get a few books of poetry or short (erotic) stories and read them to her. Some ladies need to be taken out every night and have money spent on them, some ladies are content staying home and cuddling. Hey put more thought into what you are seeking, expand your ad. I don't care what the income is of any lady I date !

If she doesn't like it and maybe even asks for more, you will see her as she truly is. So rent some movies and have her make dinner at home. There are a ton of other things you can do that costs little or nothing. Emptying your bank account is only showing what a sucker you are. You've been here since December and everything is "prefer not to say" and just wanta have fun. And some are looking to use a guy until they have their own act together, then cut him loose and move up. Nothing wrong with dating someone that is not on the same income level, its all a learning experience. You may find the lady of your dreams yet.i wouldnt mind dating someone who makes less than me but he has to have a job i dont mind staying at home during the week and do something (less expensive) on the weekend my guy works hard to his job and he isnt making alot of money but he has a daughter to support and saving up for a house when he gets the house he told me there will be less money i told him no problem. I would be dating her because she is someone I want too be with !

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